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AMR All Art ‘Top Traded’ Index

AMR All Art ‘Top Traded’ Index

A new index tracking the most frequently traded artists at auction

The All Art is a family of indexes that have been created to track the global auction market for art.

The AMR All Art tracks the evolution of the global Art Market.

The AMR All Art Top Traded (TT) comprises artists whose works have sold at least 30 times in a 24-month period.

  • The greatest artists produce the kind of art that has the power to stick and works remain popular long after the initial impact.
  • From Picasso to Hockney, Chagall to Fontana, Kusama to Nara, many of these great artists also produced large bodies of work that today form the basis of a robust trade at auction.
  • These artists form a group of ‘Core Artists’ included in the All Art TT

Who are the Top Traded Artists?


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Copyright © 2021 Art Market Research, All Rights Reserved